• ‘It is time to look at the markets differently...’ after many decades in mainstream institutions, the founding partners agreed this was clear.
  • We have seen first-hand the changing dynamics and volatility of political change and financial crunches. Over the recent decades we have seen investors and banking institutions alike grappling for the best and most experienced market operatives for guidance and help. We decided to pool this power and make it work for those who need and appreciate it most; pressured investors and borrowers.
  • This is where Sol Capital comes in...
  • We know that the benefit of our manifold experience can be effectively shared with our clients. Our reputations and contacts have allowed us to build a market leading capital protection base. Our partners give us outstanding technological advantage and efficiencies.
  • Talk to us; gain the upper hand the Sol way…



Sol Capital is a leading independent Investment Banking, Investment Management Services and Foreign Exchange operation with strong ethics supported by the pillars of highly diversified buy and sell-side relationships, a full suite of capital raising, rating, structuring, advisory and introductory corporate finance services, and unrivalled experience and expertise. Using these resources, it is Sol’s objective to keep its clients not only ahead of the competition but ahead of the market as well.

In a world of dwindling liquidity and increasing complexity we offer our clients:

  • Exceptionally deep and broad market experience
  • Full back and middle-office support provided by top London based trade processing platforms
  • Tight risk control and capital protection
  • Moodys A1/S&P A counterparty risk via ICBC
  • Centralised execution through our dealing teams
  • Broad range of financial products through a single access point
  • Online execution and payment systems
  • Online multi-currency banking and payment services through a singular platform (group turnover £ 2 billion+ a month)
  • Globally renowned research and strategic analysis
  • Multi layered Regulatory and Bank protection

Our independence assures that there is never a conflict of interest and supports the fact that it is Sol Capital’s declared policy always to prioritise its customers’ interests.